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Post-Surgery Cravings



Remember when I was complaining back when my mouth was hurting that all the good food are crunchy? Toast, chips, cereal, crackers…Well, now I’m having a hankering for the softer side. Its all about wanting what you shouldn’t have.  So trite, yet so true.  Let me explain.

My husband got his wisdom teeth extracted today, so I’ve been preparing soft and slurpable foods for him.  And of course now I want nothing more than to eat all of his soft foods.  Jello, pudding, ice cream…even those instant-breakfast shakes.  Its nothing but processed sugar, but now that I’m surrounded by it, it all looks so good!

A few days ago I was at the store shopping for the slurp-ables and I called the Hubby to ask what flavor of  pudding and Jello he preferred.  He said “I like brown pudding and red Jello.”  Its the cute things that make life so enjoyable!

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