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Eggs and Toast

My ultimate comfort meal.  I eat it when I’m not feeling well, not feeling like cooking, or just not feeling any of the other food at my house.  I really never get tired of it and who doesn’t have eggs and bread in their house at all times?  Protein, carbs, salty, buttery…the perfect meal!

I popped home for a quick lunch today and do to our utter lack of lunch-appropriate food, I was left with one option.

My Perfect Comfort Meal

My Perfect Comfort Meal

Obviously I’m not going to write down instructions for this meal.  I will however say that I like my eggs cooked with hot sauce (my beloved Cholula) and taken off the heat before they are completely set.  It was a big day in my life when I finally realized how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs.  It is best done over medium-low heat, stirring nearly constantly.  If they are cooked until they are fully set in the pan, they will be dry and crumbly on your plate.  What a waste.

Mmmm, soft, slightly spicy eggs with buttery crunchy toast.  Admit it, you want it, right?

So there’s my go-to comfort meal.  What’s yours?

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