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His and Hers Banana Breads

Hers (left) His (right)

Hers (left) His (right)

As anyone in a successful long-term relationship can attest, compromise is the name of the game.  Now, in my eyes, compromise does not mean giving up what either of you want for the benefit of both, it means finding a solution in which BOTH people get what they want.

Enter the mini-loaf pan.

Greg hates nuts in his baked goods.  During my teenage years, I may have agreed with him on this point, but when I had my first slice of warm banana bread with a few tender yet cruchy walnuts tucked into the soft texture of the bread, I was a convert.  Yet, now that I have to factor in my husband’s tastes when I make banana bread, so I am always foregoing my beloved walnuts so he’ll feel as if he can eat the bread.  At the same time, he keeps asking me to put chocolate chips into the banana bread.  Chocolate chips?  Huh uh.  Now I’m not agains chocolate chips in all quick-breads (or pancakes for that matter), I certainly don’t mind them in zucchini bread.  But to me, banana bread is already sweet enough and the chocolate really just doesn’t compliment the flavor.

So after yet another discussion today about how the banana bread would be prepared, we finally came upon the solution.  And why did it take us so darned long to think of this?

All you have to do is take the regular banana bread recipe, which is enough for 4 mini-loafs, and split it in half.  You can do this division weight wise on a kitchen scale, or by eye if you’re good at estimation.  Or you could do like I did and make a terrible estimation, then spend 5 tedious minutes scooping batter out of the chocolate-chip loafs into the walnut loafs, carefully avoiding the multitude of chocolate chips mixed in.

Loaves Pre-Bake

So as I was saying, make a full recipe, divide it in half, then stir in 1/3 cup of your desired add ins.  Chopped walnuts, chopped pecans, chocolate chips, raisins, whatever you want.  Divide each portion into 2 mini-loaves.

Loaves Post-Bake

The baking time is much shorter also than the regular loaf.  These were finished in about 35 minutes at 350F.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Walnut Banana Bread

Walnut Banana Bread

So now we have our own individual mini-loaves.  Aren’t they just the cutest?  Greg was quite scandalized to look over and find me literally tearing chunks off of one of mine and eating it right over the counter without a plate or anything.  Its MY LOAF and I can eat it the way I want to!!

Ah, the things I do for love.

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