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As my little blog here is still in its infant stages, I reserve the right to make some amendments as I go.  I have decided to start assigning some categories describing easy of preparation and time it takes to make the dish, as well as a grade of how tasty I think a dish has turned out.  I may even include my husband’s grading of a dish if I find his opinion to be acceptable 🙂

So here are the Preparation categories I will be using:

Ease of Prep Rankings:

#1: Make on the Fly – this  indicates a dish you can make in 15 minutes or less and will most likely have the ingredients on hand without a lot of advanced prep or shopping.
An example of a #1 Prep Ranking would be Eggs and Toast

#2: Weeknight Fare – this indicates a dish you can make in 45 minutes or less.  It requires a little bit of advanced planning including thawing meat or having specific vegetables on hand.  These are meals I would normally make if I have 30-45 minutes on a weeknight for our dinner.
An example of a #2 Prep Ranking would be My Sloppy Janes

#3: Slow Cook, Minimal Effort – this indicates a dish that can be assembled in the morning (as in, before work) but requires many hours (4-8 hrs) of cook time, usually in the slow cooker.  The dish may or may not require some extra time around dinner time once the meal has cooked.
An example of a #3 Prep Ranking would be a pot roast in the slow cooker, or something like shredded beef/chicken for tacos.

#4: Weekend Afternoon Project – this indicates a dish that will require at least a couple hours of prep/cooking time, usually in several stages.  These dishes also require some advanced planning due to unusual or time consuming ingredients.
An example of a #4 Prep Ranking would be my Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas

#5: Got all Day? – this indicates a dish or project that requires several hours.  Anything that requires several hours of time between steps (bread) or has multiple components (pies) are condsidered to be an all day project in my book.
An example of a #5 Prep Ranking would be Indian Beef and Spinach w/ Naan.

My intention in using these rankings is to make it easier to evaluate the recipes for whether you have time for them on a given day or not.

My Tastiness Grading is pretty straight forward.  A ranking from 1-10 will be assigned by me and sometimes my husband on how much we like this dish.  A “1” will indicate a total disaster that cannot be salvaged by tweeking the recipe.  A “10” is something that we couldn’t stop eating until we passed out on the couch with our belts bursting open.  I would consider anything 6 and over to be something I would definitely make again, sometimes with some alteration to the recipe.  If I intend to alter the recipe, I’ll always indicate in what ways I would make it next time…I don’t want others repeating my mistakes if its at all avoidable!

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