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Bunny Repellent Border

Sunny Marigolds

Sunny Marigolds

One piece of advice for my vegetable garden that I seem to get over and over is to plant marigolds to keep the bunnies away.  And boy do we need bunny repellent.  I see several a day and I’m sure they’re just counting down the hours until I put those tender and inviting seedlings into the ground.  And oh my, how heart broken I will be if the months of love and devotion I have given my seedlings go down in the mouth of a bunny.

New Garden

Today, my husband and I spent hours installing a border of edging stones, followed by a border of marigolds in our soon-to-be vegetable garden.  Hard work.  I worked a landscaping job the summer when I was 16.  I do NOT remember my back and knees hurting this much.  I suppose there is a difference between a 28 year old back and a 16 year old back.  Ugh.

But the backache seems worth it when you step back and look at what you’ve accomplished.

Beautiful Border

Next weekend? Installation of actual vegetable plants!  Provided that no cold weather is in the forecast.  I can’t wait!

And you can see more of the landscaping we did at our Becky&Greg blog.

more marigolds

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